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Specialty Fans

specialty1.jpg 36" Basket Fan
AP's 36" basket fan is highly effective in reducing heat stress, therefore increasing rate of gain and feed conversion putting more money in the pocket of the producer.
specialty2.jpg 24" Basket Fans
The AP 24" basket fan is designed for year round use. This unit is often run slowly in the winter time to reduce heat stratification and "dead spots". In the summer time, it serves as a high velocity cooling fan.

specialty3.jpg Pump Out Pit & Duct Fans
There's a sensible and inexpensive means of ventilating pits. Virtually all liquid manure storage pits are equipped with pump-out ports. For pump-out ports that do not extend into the manure, pump-out pit fans can be adapted to the ports.
specialty4.jpg Fiberglass Panel Fans
The fiberglass housing and propeller are combined with an aluminum motor mount for a lifetime of performance. These fans are available with guards of the front, rear, or both.
Mini-Brute™ Fans
Mini-Brute™ ventilation fans are smaller, more energy efficient fans designed for low air requirements, such as in small farrowing rooms and hot nurseries. Mini-Brute™ fans move lower volumes of air for less heat loss, use lower h.p. motors and are reasonably priced which makes them very cost effective.

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