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Fan Accessories

accessories1.jpg Wind Diverter Cone
Minimize the effects of head winds with minimal sacrificing of fan performance. Constructed of durable fiberglass, these wind diverters are inexpensive and simple to install.
accessories2.jpg Transit Tub™
The Transit Tub™ is ideal for confinment installations where a full pit waste system is planned. Made of rugged fiberglass that is guaranteed for life, the Transit Tub™ fits fans from 8" to 24".

accessories3.jpg All Weather Fan Hoods
Every ventilation fan that must function in cold weather or strong winds should be equipped with a protective hood to allow proper operation. All weather fan hoods save energy costs by enabling fans to perform more efficiently.
accessories4.jpg Discharge Cone
The optional discharge cone for the Performer series fans is designed to increase air-flow and efficiency by approximately 15%.
Pit Fan Transition Units
Pit fan transition units convert 14", 18", and 24" Performer Series wall fans to deep ventilation fans used to remove dangerous gases from buildings with inside manure storage.

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