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watering1.jpg VM100
The patented time saver (VM100) eliminates carrying and storing supplemental drinkers. Snaps on to the metal support pipe right above the Val stainless steel nipple drinkers. Important - chicks drinking from the VM100 roll their heads back to swallow and without moving can drink out of the nipple drinker above, preparing them for after 5 days when the 2 foot long sanitary mini drinker will be rotated 180 up and out of the way, stored there through growth. (suggested density, 700 birds per drinker)
watering2.jpg VB150
This drinker is designed to supply adequate water for 15 broilers, 10 ducks, 25 commercial pullets up to 17 weeks or 17 pullets up to 20 weeks. It is the easiest triggered of the three drinkers and allows just the right amounts of water.

Clean water with little maintenance, dryer litter, excellent feed conversion and very low condemnation rates are the strong points of this drinker. No mini drinkers are required unless birds are debeaked day old.

watering3.jpg VR150
This drinker is designed especially for breeder birds, turkeys, roasters, broilers, layers and ducks. It is easy to trigger and gives more water than the other drinkers.

The VR150 drinker will handle 12 layers, 10 breeder birds or ducks, 15 roasters or broilers from day old up through finish. One drinker will handle 10 turkeys from day old to six weeks. (Note): anti-roast wire must be hooked up to shocking unit for breeder birds or turkeys when conduit suspension is used.

Being a closed water system birds cannot splash around in water, maintaining dryer litter and always guaranteeing clean water.

watering4.jpg VL150
This drinker will supply 21 caged layers with the right amount of water. This nipple triggers harder than the VB150, gives less water, yet adequate and maintains very dry litter.

Dry litter, peak production, clean water with very little maintenance, make this drinker one you can't pass up.

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