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Multiphase Feeding
from: Fancom Agro-Computers

771 Dry Feed Computer

  • Multiphase Feeding

  • Specific Feeding and Registering per House

  • Management Information

  • Easy Operation

    Extras for your System

    Trough sensors can make your system fully automatic, even with ad lib feeding. the computer itself checks the content of the troughs.

    Using new feed? Using a module, your computer calculates the new average price of the total stock.

    Even very small quantities can be added to the feed. This is perfect for supplying medication to your pigs or the individual feeding of sows.

    Efficient stock control? An alarm indicates when the feed bin reaches a minimum level.


Switched Over to Low-Priced Feed
Using multiphase feeding enables you to switch over gradually to another feed composition. You can start with this switch as soon as you need. Besides that, you can switch over from an expensive type of feed to a lower priced kind. This can be very profitable.

More Time for Yourself with 771 and Multiphase Feeding
With the 771 you feed your animals automatically every day without the involvement of personnel. This saving accumulates nicely. Additionally you will have more time for yourself, your family and more time for supervision and management. In this way the 771 and multiphase feeding increases your efficiency.

Data Access with the 771
Do you want direct access to your feeding data? The 771 registers all information per valve, per pen or per crate. You have this information close at hand. You know exactly what and how much has been fed to the animals. This enables you to calculate specific data, to draw comparisons and to make better decisions.

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