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Concrete Slats
from: Barkman Concrete

The Best Slats for your Hog Complex

Made from high quality precast concrete, Barkman hog slats offer exceptional value for your hog complex. Not only do Barkman concrete slats provide a cleaner, dryer and healthier environment for your animals, but hey also provide a number of important advantages over conventional hog farm flooring including safer footing, improved sanitation and superior long term durability.

Barkman offers a wide selection of slat styles and sizes to meet the needs of your operation, all manufactured to your demanding specifications using the highest quality materials available. If you seek the best in concrete slats, you can't do better than Barkman.

Self-Cleaning Slots
All Barkman slats are designed to provide optimal material flow through for less hang-up and easier cleaning overall. The Filter Crete and dry sow slats feature a 4" thick box beam design with 2" thick inside slats. the difference in depth is more efficient for cleanout. The result is a healthier, more sanitary environment for your hogs.


Design for Comfort and Reduced Injury
Barkman slats have been engineered to provide maximum comfort for hogs and feature more openings per square foot and narrower slot openings to prevent leg and hoove damage.

Semi-Dry Precast Concrete
Barkman concrete slats are manufactured according to exacting specifications and feature a special semi-dry concrete 7000 p.s.i. formulation that is designed to deliver maximum durability.

Extra Sure Footing
A textured finish to Barkman slats gives them a natural non-slip surface providing extra sure footing and minimal likelihood of injury to your hogs.

Modular Design for Easy Installation
Barkman slats fit together quickly and easily thanks to their modular design. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate various hog confinement requirements.

Barkman Penning

Pen Wall Sections
Barkman penning sections are available in a variety of sizes up to a maximum of 10' long and 42" high. Pen wall sections are available with cast in place nuts for bolting gate hinges or stainless steel angles cast into the top and bottom corners to allow welding to other panels and to the floor. Whatever your requirements, we can accommodate the need.

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