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Feeding Systems
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Flex-Flo™ Systems
Distributing feed to the line hoppers controllably, cleanly and efficiently is the specific function of AP's Flex-Flo Auger System. Flexibility applies to the entire system and it's adaptability to your specific needs - in feeds, in house layout, and in installation and maintenance.

Using PVC tubing as the carrier of feed not only provides flexibility in facility design, but reduces dust, provides protection against insect and rodent contamination, reduces noise, therefore reducing stress and offering longer life.

Chain Disk Feed Delivery System
Today's complex multi-ration feeding programs demand complete flexibility in feed delivery. Twisting and turning through multiple farrowing rooms while delivering feed to AP's Farrowing Drop Tube Feeders present no challenge to the AP Chain Disk Feed Delivery System. high capacities at long distances with multiple turns is what it was designed for.

Drop Feeders
Easy to install, manage and maintain. AP drop feeders feature easy front adjustment, convenient eye-level scales and strong, durable all-plastic construction to eliminate corrosion. The optional clear body style allows convenient visual confirmation of proper operation and a simple shut-off ball allows individual control.

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